Hi, I’m Jim.

I’m amateur axe restorer, collector, and outdoorsman.

I’m not an “expert” – just a guy who likes axes. One of my frustrations as someone trying to learn about axes was the lack of reliable information. It was all spammy websites, where you could tell they had never held an axe in their life.

So my goal is to create a useful resource for others interested in axes. I’m sharing the information I find through experience, research and consulting with true industry experts.

See what I’m testing and my latest restorations on instagram.

If you have a question, or if I got something wrong please reach out to me at contact@axeandtool.com

A bit more background:

I have done my share of camping, backpacking, portaging and bike touring. Part of the fun for me has always been the gear. Having the right tool for the job, and understanding all the nuances.

I overlooked axes for years. I found them too heavy and clumsy for a lot of the activities I was doing, and so I didn’t use them often. It never occurred to me that I had the wrong axe.

I started restoring axes in 2017 as a way to stay connected to the outdoor lifestyle at a time when I couldn’t be in the woods. That is when I started to appreciate the details, and finding or making the right axe for the job.

A few of my restoration projects:

collage of restored axes
custom restored axe with painted head and handle