Hi, I’m Jim.

Jim Bell | Site Creator

I’m an axe user, restorer, and collector who enjoys testing new axes in the great outdoors and researching historic brands during restorations.

I have always enjoyed finding the right tools for the job and understanding the nuances. Over the last decade, I’ve had the chance to test many different hatchets and axes through activities like camping, backpacking, portaging, and just general outdoor fun.

I’m based out of Ontario but have traveled and camped all across Canada, with a few excursions into the US as well.

Why make an Axe website?

This is a long-term passion project that started through the frustration of trying to learn more about axes myself, and the hunt for “real” information. All I found online were spammy websites where you can tell the writer has never held an axe in their life.

My goal is to create a useful and trustworthy resource for those interested in axes. Everything I share comes from first-hand experience, research, or collaborating with experts.

I’m always learning so please reach out if I have missed something or got it wrong: contact@axeandtool.com

Axe & Tool Museum

When it comes to information on historic brands there are only a handful of good resources and tidbits buried deep in 10-year-old forum posts. Often with pictures and posts long deleted.

I have started a sub-site to archive information on historic axe brands and related articles.

Axe Restoration Projects

I started actively collecting and restoring axes in 2017 as a way to stay connected to the outdoors at a time when I couldn’t be in the woods.

I don’t do it “professionally”, just as a hobby for myself and maybe as gifts for friends and family (if they are lucky).

To see more vintage axes and restorations, give me a follow on Instagram.

collage of restored axes
Custom pack axe with hand carved handle

Thanks for checking out the site!