Hi, I’m Jim.

I’m an axe restorer, collector, and outdoorsman.

Over the last decade I’ve had the chance to experimenting with many different hatchets and axes through activities like camping, backpacking, portaging, and just general outdoor work. I have always enjoyed finding right tool for the job, and understanding the nuances.

I started actively collecting and restoring axes in 2017 as a way to stay connected to the outdoor lifestyle at a time when I couldn’t be in the woods.

One of my frustrations (still) while trying to learn more about axes is the lack of reliable information. It’s mostly spammy websites, where you can tell the writer never held an axe in their life.

So, my goal is to create a useful resource for others interested in axes. I’m sharing the information I find through experience, research and consulting with experts.

See what I’m testing and my latest restorations on instagram.

If you have a question, or if I got something wrong please reach out to me at contact@axeandtool.com

A few of my restoration projects:

collage of restored axes
Custom pack axe with hand carved handle