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Hands-on reviews, comparisons, line-ups and testing of new axes.

  1. Gerber vs Fiskars axes
  2. Are Fiskars axes any good?
  3. Best Fiskars axe for kindling
  4. How much does a good axe cost?
  5. Hults Bruk vs Hultafors vs Agdor
  6. Hultafors Premium vs Standard axes
  7. Which Fiskars splitting axe is right for you
  8. What is the best axe for yard work?
  9. Is there a good Canadian-made axe?
  10. Is an axe or hatchet best for camping?
  11. How to choose a Fiskars Axe
  12. Fiskars Splitting axe vs Maul
  13. Best Axe Brands
  14. How to choose a camp hatchet
  15. Why premium axes cost more
  16. Fiskars X5 vs Gerber Pack Axe
  17. Gerber Pack Axe Review
  18. Small Forest Axe vs Hults Bruk / Hultafors
  19. Vehicle Axes
  20. Do axes come sharp?
  21. Can you throw a hatchet?
  22. Do you need an axe backpackign?
  23. How to properly carry an axe
  24. Gransfors Outdoor Axe vs Small Forest Axe
  25. Yankee vs Montreal Patterns
  26. Splitting Axe vs Maul
  27. Felling Axe vs Splitting Axe
  28. JXE JXO Hatchet Review
  29. Lexivon V9 Review
  30. Fiskars Mini-Maul Review
  31. Best Splitting Axes in Canada

Axe Craft & Care

Axe craft is a great hobby whether you are tuning an axe, or restoring an axe yourself.

  1. The best ways to find vintage axe heads
  2. Make your own axe wax
  3. Guide to axe wedges
  4. How to paint an axe head
  5. How to tell the top of an axe head
  6. How to remove an axe head
  7. How thick should an axe handle be?
  8. How to thin an axe handle
  9. How to paint an axe handle
  10. Rust proof your axe
  11. How to maintain a Fiskars axe
  12. How to use a Fiskars axe sharpener
  13. How to remove varnish from an axe handle
  14. The best way to oil an axe handle
  15. Keep your axe head from coming loose
  16. How to wax an axe
  17. How to make an axe handle
  18. How to store you axe
  19. Oiling with RAW linseed oil
  20. What to look for in an axe handle
  21. Where to find good axe handles
  22. Don’t put a lanyard on your axe
  23. How to store your axe
  24. Where to buy good axe handles
  25. What to look for in an axe handle
  26. How to fix a loose axe
  27. How to char an axe handle
  28. Guide to axe handle finishes
  29. How to make a leather overstrike guide

History & Facts

There’s some stuff you just need to know. Knowledge and facts about axes, axe designs, and use.

  1. Why are axe blades curved
  2. How do axe heads stay on
  3. 17 Axe facts you should know
  4. Can a machete chop wood?
  5. How to split wood when camping
  6. Why do axes have notches?
  7. Should an axe be shaving sharp?
  8. Are axes and hatchets dangerous?
  9. What makes an axe good at splitting
  10. 3 Simple Machines in an Axe
  11. Do axes come sharp
  12. How axe heads are made
  13. Straight vs Curved axe handles
  14. The Pulaski